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Start with the chest area to get at the wallet to see his operator's license and the second is the slip of paper on the right-hand side.
Hollywood, surgical tubing still wrapped around their limp, track-pocked arms as well as their drug of choice: government issue morphine.
Now, look around the floor near como se juega al blackjack intento pdf the couch to find another popcorn cup and a wallet.
Successful interrogation adds Finkelstein identified to the list of evidence.Morgan would recieve a daily allocation of morphine from supplier.Destination / Actions, info / Clues / Tips, morphine overdose victims: Lie.Walk around the corner and look at the green box to wrap up your first vice case.Check the radio and dial into 275FM.Head up the stairs and look at the sign to find just where to look.That makes it an Ad Vice case.

Be sure to look at everything in there just to be sure.
Make sure to inspect the back as well.
Around the corner and last door on the left.".Go inside to look for clues.At the same time, halfway into the chase, you end up in a giant freezer.Gather evidence from around the apartment.Destination / Actions Info / Clues / Tips Jones' Booking Agency in room 238.Examine the stolen loot from.S.